Mecca 3D is constantly under development - here is an excerpt of the features that are already available - or will insha’Allah be available in the near future!

Hajj & Umrah Guide

Hajj & Umrah Guide

Can you imagine being virtually guided through Hajj and Umrah rituals? Do you wish to memorize the prayers that you have to speak? Or understand what the deeper meaning and rewards for your actions are?

Time Machine

Time Machine

Go back in time to see how the Prophet(s.) and his Companions used to live - or maybe much earlier to the time of Abraham(a.s.)?

Genuine Authentic Knowledge

Genuine Authentic Knowledge

Use Mecca 3D to teach yourself or your kids in a staggering realistic interactive and entertaining way islamic values and significant events - like the attack of the Ashaab Al-Feel, or important battles like Ghazuat Al-Khandaq (The Battle of the Trench).

Virtual Reality Support

Virtual Reality Support

The Oculus Rift® is about to revamp the world of Virtual Reality and put it right at your fingertips. Mecca 3D already supports this amazing peace of technology - once you own the VR Headset and wear it, it will be hard for you not to think you’re standing right in front of the Kaabah! 

Interactive World

Interactive World

Mecca 3D is not only a simulation, you will be able to interact with other characters and become part of the captivating virtual environment. You can have a virtual guide explain to you how and why to pray or tap a button to listen to a beatuiful Athan for example.

Our Team

Our Team

Our dedicated team is a mix of tech-savvy software engineers and designers. It is of utmost important to us to deliver high quality software and genuine authentic islamic content. If you have any questsions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
















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With the help of Allah(t.) we have released a first version of Mecca 3D, you can download it for your iPad, iPhone or Android device. This is the first step, and we have put a lot of time and effort to bring you this experience - alhamdulillah. We have reached a point now where we need your support.

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Brainseed Factory is an ambitious team of experts in software & game development
- founded & headed by Bilal Chbib.

Bilal also co-founded bigitec developer studio (www.bigitec.com) in 2008 and since then focused his expertise on delivering high quality apps & games for the world-changing mobile app industry. Prior to bigitec Bilal worked over one and half decades as a Software Engineer and Project Manager in various high profile companies.


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